Blockfenders Adopts Akitra To Secure Compliance With SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA and ISO 27001

Akitra’s multi-framework platform supports Blockfenders’ push into the enterprise market

The Challenge

Blockfenders sells to banks, healthcare entities and other large enterprises. Their prospects and customers all have sensitive data, sometimes stored in the cloud, sometimes in their own data centers, or a combination of the two. Compliance is a core part of Blockfenders’ value proposition, and so they needed to ensure that their compliance was as comprehensive as their customers’ various data storage alternatives, and spanned multiple compliance frameworks.
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We looked at other compliance automation vendors, but compared to Akitra their pricing was too high and their capabilities not as comprehensive. We felt Akitra almost put us on a pedestal – they are truly customer obsessed.
Niranjan Ingale and Viraj Phanse, co-founders, Blockfenders
Niranjan Ingale and Viraj Phanse
Co-founders, Blockfenders

Akitra's Solution

Akitra’s compliance automation solution, the Andromeda platform, supports all the major compliance frameworks. This allowed Blockfenders to complete, in parallel, their compliance with all the frameworks they needed to meet their customers’ needs: SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR and ISO 27001. As Blockfenders expands into additional markets in future, whether in the US or internationally, Akitra’s platform supports whatever frameworks their customer needs.

Akitra’s highly flexible implementation also supports whatever data storage and processing model Blockfenders’ customers and prospects require, whether in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

The Result

“Akitra’s solution was a huge time-saver,” said CTO Niranjan Ingale. “They supported all the services and all the frameworks we needed.” He added that “Automated evidence collection and automated mapping of evidence to the relevant controls was very useful to eliminate repetitive work, across all desired compliance frameworks.”

Asked what he would say to any company considering using Akitra’s compliance services, Niranjan said, “With Akitra, you can complete the entire compliance process in almost no time. You’ll save time and money, and get fantastic support too.”

Viraj Phanse, CEO at Blockfenders, quantified Blockfenders’ cost savings in terms of headcount: “Manual compliance would have required three or four people plus management time, plus on-going investment to maintain compliance. Instead, with Akitra’s compliance automation platform, it is a one-person project!”
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SaaS for data sharing
Blockfenders interactive platform automates secure and compliant data sharing and delivery, across heterogeneous cloud and on-premise data sources, using a no-code, zero engineering and zero-trust model. Its unique architecture helps reduce the overall costs and infrastructure footprint for data sharing and delivery by more than 50% while increasing the speed to operationalize data sharing and delivery by more than 90%.

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Request a Demo & See if We’re the Right Fit for Each Other

Request a Demo & See if We’re the Right Fit for Each Other

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Elevate Your Knowledge With Akitra Academy’s FREE Online Courses

Elevate Your Knowledge With Akitra Academy’s FREE Online Courses

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