SAAS Company Achieves SOC 2 Compliance in Just Three Weeks From Start to Finish

DecisionFacts’ mission is to simplify the use of advanced analytics by decision-makers in business to run simulations and make informed decisions.
Businesses are changing rapidly because of supply chain disruption, inflation, and post-pandemic uncertainties. Historical data alone is no longer sufficient for forward-making decisions. That’s where simulations and different scenario analyses become important. Today there is no easy way for decision-makers who have the context of the situation to run these models. That’s the gap that DecisionFacts bridges, between data and decisions.

DecisionFacts platform was built with data security and compliance as cornerstones of the business. SOC 2 compliance certification gives strong validation that DecisionFacts’ data security processes are robust and that its customers’ data is in safe hands.

Akitra was able to provide its customer DecisionFacts with the automated monitoring and compliance solution to achieve SOC 2 certification in just three weeks – and remain continuously compliant for the future.

The Challenge

The manual approach to compliance readiness, with lots of spreadsheets and a nightmarish number of documents and evidence files to deal with, was a non-starter to me. I didn’t have the expertise, nor the bandwidth to go through that process just to save a few dollars,” said CEO Sriram Gopalan. “This led to my looking for vendors who could provide us with the best compliance automation solution.”
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“When I saw the demo of Akitra’s compliance product, along with the end-to-end integration, automated evidence collection, and personal guidance on how to get the compliance readiness and audit done, it was a no-brainer for me to choose Akitra.”
Sriram Gopalan
Sriram Gopalan
Co-founder and CEO

Akitra's Solution

“SOC 2 compliance was a daunting project to start if I were to do it manually”, admitted Gopalan. “But when I saw the full set of customizable policy templates provided by Akitra, I was confident that we could work on the 30+ policies in a structured manner. One thing that was very beneficial for us was that my development team in India was highly motivated to get through the process. With Akitra providing us with the full suite of policies and controls we needed for compliance, it gave us the roadmap we needed. It created good alignment across the company and helped us get compliance completed quickly.”

Gopalan added that Akitra’s automation features were a major time-saver: “Monitoring of AWS, GCP and Github, for example, was very helpful for automating most of the evidence collection for controls such as source code review, access control, encryption at rest, and so on.”

He also stressed the importance of Akitra’s expert guidance throughout the compliance journey: “What really helped was the one-on-one support we got from the Akitra team. We never thought of Akitra as a vendor just selling a platform, but more as our Infosec team guiding us in achieving our goal. That was an enormous help.”

The Result

The speed of the compliance process with Akitra’s platform was a major plus for Gopalan: “To my surprise, the whole process from start to finish took less than three weeks. Akitra has perfected its platform and its customer success model into a well-refined assembly line process. Once the policies and controls have been finalized and the evidence has been collected, the external auditor’s work is smooth and efficient. If there were any questions, the auditor could simply ask them through the Akitra platform, which made communications easy.”

For Gopalan, one of the most compelling parts of the business case for using Akitra’s solution was the effect on the sales cycle.
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“We have customers in the sales pipeline who were just waiting for our completed SOC 2 report before starting their POC. We will accelerate the whole sales process now because SOC 2 certification gives them that extra shot of confidence in us that they needed.”


Cloud-based Business Analysis
DecisionFacts powers businesses to run complex scenarios and build institutional knowledge for data-driven decisions.

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