Fortanix Forges a Secure Path to PCI DSS Compliance with Akitra Compliance Automation Platform

Customer Trust Reinforced: Fortanix’s PCI DSS Compliance with Akitra Compliance Automation Platform.
In the ever-evolving data security landscape, safeguarding sensitive information, such as payment card data, has become essential. Fortanix identified this need and undertook a mission to strengthen the security of payment card data for its customers. To acquire this, they set their sights on complying with the rigid Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Arshad Shaikh, Senior Information Security Officer at Fortanix, mentioned, “It’s really important that you follow some standards that give the customer satisfaction of how we are taking their data and handling their data, to be specific. It also creates a reputation in the market.”

The Challenge

Fortanix identified the essence of gaining PCI DSS compliance to bolster trust with its customers and partners. These are the challenges that posed a problematic obstacle for Fortanix to meet the rigorous necessities of PCI DSS:

Complex Compliance Mandate: Fortanix encountered the difficulties of the PCI DSS, a highly tough and rigid set of requirements, making compliance a daunting task.

Uncompromising Security Injunctions: PCI DSS sets rigorous security demands to safeguard payment card data, containing a wide collection of controls and practices that must be meticulously executed and upheld.

Steering Complex Standards: The challenge raised to learning, interpreting, and enforcing the multifaceted standards within PCI DSS. This required not just technical prowess but also a deep knowledge of industry best practices.

Resource Allocation and Time Constraints: Time restraints added another layer of complexity. As a data security company, rationing sufficient resources and time to dive into the demanding compliance journey without disrupting daily operations was a careful balancing act.

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“Akitra’s one-stop compliance platform streamlined our compliance efforts. With a single platform, we could easily manage and track our progress, ensuring that we were always in compliance with global standard and regulatory requirements.”
Arshad Shaikh
Sr. Information Security Officer, Fortanix

Akitra's Solution

In their exploration of compliance excellence, Akitra’s Compliance Automation Platform provided specifically the kind of tailored solution that Fortanix needed to steer the multifaceted necessities of PCI DSS. Fortanix has already been using Akitra Compliance Automation Platform for ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance certifications and has been very happy with it. Akitra provided support for the following key components, all driven by their dedication to streamlining and automating compliance processes:

Comprehensive Assessment: Akitra began by conducting a detailed and thorough assessment of Fortanix’s existing security dimensions. This involved a deep dive into their existing practices to pinpoint vulnerabilities and areas requiring modification for PCI DSS compliance.

Policy and Control Mapping: Akitra linked controls to relevant policy documents, making it easier for GoComet to understand the compliance framework.

Automation Monitoring: Akitra’s Compliance Automation Platform brought efficiency to the process. It automated many compliance aspects, lowering manual work and providing a dependable reference point for following progress.

Strategic Resource Management: Akitra ensured the compliance journey didn’t disrupt Fortanix’s core business operations. This efficient resource management was crucial for a successful and sustainable compliance process.

The Result

Akitra’s solution combines comprehensive assessment, customized planning, expert guidance, and automation, all tailored to Fortanix’s needs. Arshad Shaikh, Senior Information Security Officer, Fortanix, added, “It clearly states all the requirements for compliance. There’s also project tracking, simplifying the compliance process, and project management. That helps us know the controls we still need to focus on.”

The collaboration between Fortanix and Akitra led to remarkable outcomes:

Enriched Data Shield: This critical enhancement significantly reduced the risk of data breaches, safeguarding sensitive payment card information. Customers could trust that their data was protected at the highest level.

Customer Trust and Confidence: Fortanix’s continued commitment to achieving PCI DSS compliance was a testament to their unwavering dedication to data security. This commitment resonated with customers and partners, bolstering their trust and confidence in Fortanix’s services.

Competitive Advantage: With PCI DSS compliance under its belt, Fortanix earned a significant competitive edge in the market. This attainment positioned them as a trusted provider of secure and compliant data security solutions, attracting customers actively seeking such reliability.

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“Akitra made it a breeze to achieve compliance. Their robust platform and dedicated team provided us with invaluable insights into every aspect of the PCI DSS process. It was a delight to have Akitra ensure that everything was well-prepared ahead of schedule.”


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Fortanix specializes in multi-cloud security, focusing on Confidential Computing, and it serves various customer bases, ranging from small organizations to some of the world’s largest and most renowned brands, including Fortune 50 firms. As a founding member of the Confidential Computing Consortium, they work closely with key partners such as Intel, Microsoft, AWS, Google, Snowflake, and ServiceNow to enhance data security.

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