GoComet Achieves Seamless SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance With Akitra’s Compliance Automation Platform

Akitra brings GoComet immense time savings and operational efficiencies.
GoComet is a leading platform specializing in international logistics solutions for large-scale B2B manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. They recognize the importance of compliance certifications, such as SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2, to ensure they follow industry best practices. Compliance not only helped them adhere to standards but also played a crucial role in building trust with their clients.

The Challenge

In the past, GoComet had gone through the compliance process manually, which was time-consuming and resource-intensive. The auditors required extensive documentation and evidence of compliance, often causing the team to scramble for information in the final stage of the audit. This manual approach presented several challenges, including:

Tedious Evidence Gathering: The team had to manually find and present relevant documentation to auditors.

Time-Consuming Process: Preparing for compliance audits took an extended period, potentially delaying other business activities.

Failure of Compliance Evidence: The manual approach could lead to errors or omissions, risking the audit’s success.
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Akitra has simplified our compliance journey in a remarkable way. The continuous compliance and less overhead is something we greatly appreciate. We don’t need to spend time on compliance anymore; it’s truly automated. We just need to get the auditors involved and get the stuff done.
GoComet Achieves Seamless SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance
Pranay Patro
DevOps and Backend, GoComet

Akitra's Solution

Seeking a more efficient and automated compliance solution, GoComet turned to Akitra Compliance Automation Platform. Akitra offered a range of functional benefits that addressed the challenges GoComet had faced:

Automation: Akitra Andromeda’s automated evidence collection feature eliminated the need for manual searching and document retrieval.

Policy and Control Mapping: Akitra linked controls to relevant policy documents, making it easier for GoComet to understand the compliance framework.

Continuous Monitoring: Akitra enabled continuous monitoring of cloud platforms and third-party SaaS services, automatically collecting necessary evidence.

Project Management: Akitra’s tools simplified communication with auditors and internal compliance team members.

The Result

The adoption of Akitra Compliance Automation Platform brought transformative results for GoComet:

Time Savings: The time taken to become audit-ready and complete the audit was significantly reduced compared to the manual approach’s extended timeline.

Operational Efficiency: The compliance process was no longer a resource-intensive endeavor, allowing GoComet to focus on core business activities.

Peace of Mind: With automated compliance, GoComet now has peace of mind that they are following best practices and maintaining compliance standards.

Sales and Trust Building: The SOC 2 attestation and compliance reports have become essential tools in GoComet’s sales efforts. Sharing their compliance status instills trust with customers and streamlines the sale process, helping to eliminate obstacles and shorten the sales cycle.
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Akitra is not just about saving time and resources, it’s about the peace of mind that it brings. It’s like having a trusted partner by your side, ensuring that we are compliant and following all industry standards.


Transportation, Logistics, Supply chain and Storage
GoComet is a logistics and supply chain management company. As a company, they are dedicated to helping businesses across diverse sectors optimize their logistics operations, enhance cost-efficiency, and leverage technology to achieve a new level of transparency and data-driven decision-making.

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