UnSkript Elevating its Security Standards: Achieved SOC 2 Type 2 Attestation with Akitra’s Compliance Automation Platform

With Akitra’s automation, UnSkript saved an impressive amount of hours.
UnSkript is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in developing innovative software solutions for various industries. Committed to maintaining the highest security and compliance standards, UnSkript embarked on the challenging path to achieve SOC 2 Type 2 attestation. In their previous compliance endeavor with another competitive offering, they had encountered a daunting journey, spending extensive time grappling with complex requirements that needed more support, leaving them seeking a more efficient and effective solution. UnSkript’s determination to enhance their compliance posture led them to Akitra, heralding a transformational chapter in their compliance journey.

The Challenge

UnSkript faced significant challenges in achieving SOC 2 attestation, a critical requirement for their growth and expansion plans. With a complex compliance landscape, UnSkript needed an efficient, streamlined solution to navigate the compliance journey. Amit Chandak, Co-Founder and Chief Architect, UnSkript stated that, “Navigating the complex landscape of SOC 2 compliance standard was like deciphering a foreign language. We needed a partner like Akitra to translate it into a clear roadmap.”

Following were the challenges they faced on their path to SOC 2 attestation:

Complex Compliance Framework: The SOC 2 compliance framework was intricate and unfamiliar to UnSkript’s team. Navigating the complexities of the framework without prior expertise proved to be a significant hurdle.

Complex Compliance Terminology: UnSkript needed to gain experience dealing with the intricate terminologies and requirements of compliance policies, making it challenging to draft accurate reports and documentation.

Lack of Compliance Templates: UnSkript struggled with the absence of standardized templates for compliance policies. Crafting these policies from scratch was time-consuming and posed the risk of missing critical elements required for SOC 2 compliance.

Resource Constraints: UnSkript needed more in-house resources dedicated to compliance efforts. This constraint hindered their ability to efficiently collect evidence, monitor compliance continuously, and prepare for audits effectively.
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Akitra’s platform simplified the complex tasks and steps into a simple and easy to use process, and their support team was there 24/7 to assist us. With them, we not only attained SOC 2, but we gained a competitive edge in the market.
Amit Chandak - Co Founder - UnSkript
Amit Chandak
Co-Founder and Chief Architect, UnSkript

Akitra's Solution

UnSkript partnered with Akitra to address their challenges and streamline their compliance journey. Akita provided a comprehensive solution tailored to UnSkript’s unique needs. Amit Chandak said, “Akitra’s platform revolutionized our approach, streamlining evidence collection and offering expert guidance. It was a game-changer in our compliance journey.”

Automated Evidence Collection: Akita’s platform offered automated evidence collection, significantly reducing the manual efforts required for compliance.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring: With Akitra’s continuous compliance capabilities, UnSkript could maintain compliance continuously, eliminating last-minute scramble before audits.

Standardize Compliance Templates: Akita’s platform offers standardized compliance templates, making it easier for UnSkript to understand and implement the requirements of SOC 2. These templates provide clear directions and guidance on what needs to be done, simplifying the compliance process.

Responsive Support: Akitra’s support team was rapidly available to address any questions or concerns UnSkript had during their compliance journey. The Slack-based communication system allowed for swift responses, ensuring a smooth experience.

Automation: Akita’s platform leveraged automation to eliminate redundant tasks and streamline the compliance process. This automation significantly reduced the human hours required for compliance management.

The Result

With Akitra’s guidance, UnSkript achieved SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 compliance certifications rapidly within the expected timeline. The partnership between Akitra and UnSkript yielded remarkable results:

Accelerated Compliance Timeline: UnSkript achieved SOC 2 attestation in just two months, a significant reduction compared to their previous experience, where it took them a lot more time with another solution.

Reduced Human Hours: Automation and streamlined processes significantly reduced the human hours UnSkript had to invest in compliance management.

Improved Security Assurance: With the attainment of the SOC 2 framework, UnSkript has fortified its security posture, instilling confidence in customers, partners, and stakeholders. The rigorous SOC 2 compliance process has validated UnSkript’s commitment to data security and elevated their overall security standards.

Boosted Sales Opportunities: Achieving SOC 2 attestation became a powerful selling point for UnSkript, eliminating sales obstacles and attracting new customers who recognized and valued their commitment to security and compliance. This new competitive edge led to an increase in closed deals and expanded market reach.
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On a scale of 10, I would give Akitra the highest rating without hesitation. They’ve truly earned full marks in every aspect of our compliance journey. I’m so impressed with their expertise and support that I wholeheartedly offer myself as a reference for anyone considering their services.


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UnSkript offers an open-source CloudOps automation platform with preconfigured automation resources, a drag-and-drop interface, and a focus on improving productivity, reducing toil, and maintaining the health of cloud-based systems for a specific target audience of IT professionals.

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