Z2Data Uses Akitra’s Compliance Automation Solution to Support Its Hybrid Network Deployment

Akitra’s flexible, comprehensive automation solution meets Z2Data’s SOC 2 compliance needs while enhancing customer peace of mind.

The Challenge

Part of Z2Data’s commitment to customers, such as high-tech manufacturers is peace of mind about the security of their data. In their quest to ensure data security for their customers, Z2Data sought a partner who could provide a “white glove” level of support for SOC 2 compliance. Akitra stepped up with the compliance automation solution for these needs.
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“Akitra’s compliance automation solution was exactly what we needed to support our hybrid network architecture. It enables our supply chain risk management service to be fully SOC 2 compliant.”
Mohammad Ahmad
Mohammad Ahmad
President, CEO and Co-founder

Akitra's Solution

Z2Data employs a hybrid solution that leverages its own colo servers and cloud-based third-party services. This deployment model is not one that other cloud automation vendors could support, but Akitra’s flexible automation service could easily do so.

Z2Data also benefited from the extraordinary level of support provided by Akitra. “From the beginning, Akitra was always available for us”, said Mohammad.

The Result

Z2Data has already seen the benefit of SOC 2 compliance as it has significantly cut the number of security questions that it has to field from customers and prospects now that the company can share its SOC 2 report with them. “I’d say it’s cut the number of customer questions about data security in half”, Mohammad estimated. “That really reduces the time we need to devote to these issues and speeds the sales cycle, which benefits both us and our customers.”

An enormous additional ROI benefit for Z2Data has been the ability to employ Akitra’s compliance automation to ensure continuous SOC 2 compliance, without having to abandon its cost-effective hybrid network approach.
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“We could reach them anytime we needed, and they very straightforwardly explained what needed to be done. They ensured that we could always keep things moving towards reaching our compliance objectives.”


Supply Chain Risk Management
Z2Data’s platform provides supply chain risk management solutions with built-in collaboration tools to consumer electronics, automotive, defense, manufacturing, and other technology companies.

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Request a Demo & See if We’re the Right Fit for Each Other

Request a Demo & See if We’re the Right Fit for Each Other

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