Why You Should Choose Akitra – Advantages of Using Akitra’s Compliance Automation Service!

Why You Should Choose Akitra

Running a business has its fair share of things to love and detest, especially if you are a B2B SaaS company. As an engineer, building a great product might give you the most joy, but being allowed in the door by prospective customers is an entirely different ballgame.

While you (and your team of loyalists) can vouch for the security of your product, that is usually not enough to satisfy your target customers’ requirements. But do you know what is? A certified compliance report! Compliance reports following well-recognized, industry-standard frameworks not only attest to the security that your product and your company provide, but also allow you to gain the trust of your prospective customers that you will keep their data both safe and confidential.

Earning customer trust is what Akitra is all about. To do that, Akitra delivers AI-powered, cloud-based compliance automation to provide a faster and more efficient approach to safeguarding your organization’s data and applications. Akitra’s Andromeda Compliance platform supports all kinds of compliance frameworks – SOC 2, SOC 1, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 and GDPR – and helps you obtain compliance certification in less than half the time and at a fraction of the cost of conventional manual compliance.

In this blog, we will explore the reasons why you should choose Akitra as your compliance service provider to stay ahead in your competitive market and boost your organization’s growth by garnering the trust of your prospective customers.

What are the Advantages of Using Akitra’s Compliance Automation Service?

There are 10 Advantages of Using Akitra’s Compliance Automation Service:

  1. Automation saves you time and money: Automation of evidence collection from workstations, servers, and cloud platforms and services guarantees continuous monitoring and evidence gathering — significantly more efficiently and cost-effectively than manual collection. Akitra accomplishes this by integrating with all audit-relevant services, such as HR services that track employee onboarding and offboarding, DevOps systems, and cloud services platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP.
  2. Support for multiple frameworks: Built to support multiple frameworks, including SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, HIPAA and GDPR. Having one platform for all of them reduces learning time for customers and auditors alike. It also ensures consistent and sustainable compliance processes while saving vast amounts of time and expense – for years to come!
  3. Ease of Use: From initial setup to a completed audit report, you’ll be guided through the compliance journey with an easy-to-follow, automation-assisted process.
  4. Policies and Controls in a box: The platform includes policy and control templates that can be customized. This allows businesses without such documentation and processes to swiftly put in place the foundation needed to be audit-ready.
  1. Collaboration: Akitra facilitates communication between all company team members involved in the audit, as well as between the auditor and the organization’s compliance coordinator. Everyone is on the same page thanks to shared comments and task notifications.
  2. Single source of truth: The platform serves as a central repository for all policies, controls, evidence, playbooks and reports relating to compliance. This eliminates squandered time and the need to start again from scratch with each new audit. It also makes compliance readiness and audits a repeatable, cost-effective process – instead of a chronic headache and a major annual budget item.
  3. Efficient auditing: The auditor portal allows auditors to efficiently access all relevant documents and complete the audit process efficiently. Almost the entire SOC 2 report can be generated from the Akitra service, including details of how the company is meeting the compliance criteria, what tests the auditor has performed, and what the results were. It also includes narrative explanations of the company structure, system architecture and processes. These efficiency gains mean smaller invoices from auditors!
  4. Broadest scope and flexibility for your evolving needs: Akitra provides more third-party integrations than any other compliance provider; supports seven compliance frameworks; and even allows you to choose your own management portal color theme.
  5. Continuous monitoring for continuous compliance: Achieving point-in-time SOC 2 Type 1 compliance is a terrific first step. However, progressing to SOC 2 Type 2 requires showing continuous compliance over a number of months. Only automated monitoring and continuous evidence collection make that possible.
  6. Expert advice and support: Akitra is more than just an automated compliance platform. Akitra’s solution also offers regular access to compliance and security professionals who will walk you through the whole compliance process, from onboarding to crossing the finish line – and beyond. We make sure you succeed.

Bottom line, Akitra’s compliance automation service will help you obtain the compliance certifications you need – fast, efficiently, and cost-effectively – while making continuous compliance a reality. Let’s get this started now!

Contact us to learn more about Akitra, a leader in compliance automation platforms.

Request a demo and see if we’re a right fit for each other

Request a demo and see if we’re a right fit for each other

Request a demo and see if we’re a right fit for each other

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