Fortifying Data Protection: Portal26 Achieves SOC 2 Type 2 Attestation With Akitra

Navigating complex compliance challenges with Akitra’s Expert Guidance!
Portal26, a pioneering data security company, is committed to offering top-notch data protection solutions to its customers. Portal26 understood the critical necessity of gaining their customers’ confidence by implementing strong security procedures in light of the growing worries about data breaches and cyber-attacks.

To strengthen its security posture and provide its customers with unmatched trust, they set out on a revolutionary journey in partnership with Akitra. “We pursued SOC 2 compliance to bolster our company’s security posture, especially as we operate in the security domain ourselves. Seeking the best practices in software development was crucial for enhancing our enterprise security,” said Karthikeyan.

The Challenge

Portal26 was committed to meeting the highest standard for safety and compliance; they knew that achieving SOC 2 Type 2 compliance would be an important step in that process. However, when deciding to pursue SOC 2 compliance, they encountered several challenges that made the process daunting:

Lack of In-House Expertise: The company needed to navigate complex compliance requirements, policies, and procedures, identify potential gaps in their security controls, and ensure they aligned with SOC 2 standards demanded expert guidance.

Time Constraints: Portal26 faced resource constraints and a tight timeline. They needed to achieve SOC 2 attestation efficiently without compromising their daily operations.

Document Management: Keeping track of all the required documentation and evidence for the audit process was a significant challenge for the team.

Aligning Internal Practices: Adapting existing internal practices to meet SOC 2 standards required extensive review and implementation of new policies and procedures.
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I highly recommend Akitra. Their team delivered a great experience, saving me time and helping me focus on what truly matters. From start to finish, everything was accomplished efficiently, and their cost-effectiveness makes it a top choice. I’ll gladly recommend Akitra to my friends.
Karthikeyan M., Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Titaniam
Karthikeyan M.
Co-Founder and VP of Engineering, Portal26

Akitra's Solution

To accelerate its SOC 2 compliance journey, Portal26 partnered with the Akitra multi-framework Andromeda Compliance Automation Platform. “They helped and guided us through the whole process, what’s important or not, what to focus on or not and for any understanding of where things are at any point of time. Those are the things that stand out; the level of support was great.” according to Karthikeyan M., Co-Founder and VP of Engineering. Akitra’s collaboration encompassed a series of strategic steps. Akitra offered a comprehensive solution that simplifies and automates various compliance tasks, allowing Portal26 to focus on its core business operations while maintaining data security and privacy.

Expert Guidance: Akitra’s experienced compliance professionals guided Portal26 throughout the compliance journey, providing insight into best practices and tailoring the approach to the company’s unique needs.

Automated Compliance Workflows: Akitra’s platform streamlined compliance processes with automated workflows, allowing Portal26 to manage and continuously monitor compliance tasks in real-time efficiently.

In-Depth SOC 2 Readiness Assessment: Akitra comprehensively assessed Portal26’s existing security measures and practices to determine the gaps that needed addressing.

Customized Compliance Roadmap: Akitra developed a tailored compliance roadmap outlining the specific actions required to meet SOC 2 Type 2 standards based on the assessment results.

The Result

With Akitra’s support and automation capabilities, Portal26 was able to streamline its SOC 2 compliance journey and achieve successful attestation. The following are the additional benefits they received by obtaining SOC 2 attestation and collaborating with Akitra:

Time and Resource Savings: By automating various compliance tasks, Portal26 saved valuable time and resources, enabling them to maintain its focus on core business operations and growth.

Increased Customer Trust: Portal26’s SOC 2 Type 2 attestation proved the company’s everlasting dedication to data security, with customer obsession and prioritization as the core focus.

Expanded Market Opportunities: Portal26 achieved a competitive edge with SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, opening doors to new markets and potential clients looking for reliable data security solutions.

Enhanced Credibility and Transparency: By achieving SOC 2 compliance, Portal26 demonstrated its commitment to data security and privacy, enhancing its credibility and transparency, as the report serves as a comprehensive and authoritative validation of its security posture, software development, maintenance, and delivery practices.
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It was overall lightweight from my perspective. A lot of stuff is automated, so there is very little manual work. In terms of just understanding and knowing that things are in one place, that’s a good reference.


Data Security
Portal26 is the industry leader in high-performance encryption that is actively used to protect sensitive data, even during corporate breaches and data theft, and provides data security and AI governance solutions to enterprises. The company’s platform is designed to be interoperable with hundreds of architectures across multi-cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments, making their solution versatile and scalable for enterprises of all sizes.

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