From Complexity To Certainty: Shazamme Achieved ISO 27001 Certification Collaborating With Akitra

Akitra’s Automation Revolutionized Sydney, Australia-based Shazamme’s Compliance Journey.
Shazamme is a global web platform specializing in recruiting and staffing solutions based in Sydney, Australia. With aspirations to cement its reputation as a leader in the industry, Shazamme recognized the need to obtain ISO 27001 certification— an internationally recognized standard for information security management systems. However, as a small, dynamic team, Shazamme faced significant challenges navigating the complex and time-consuming certification process. Shazamme needed a streamlined solution to ensure compliance and align with their resource limitations. By leveraging Akitra’s Andromeda compliance automation platform, Shazamme found a simplified solution tailored to Shazamme’s unique needs.

The Challenge

Shazamme faced daunting challenges while striving to attain ISO certification, a critical milestone for their growth plans. The intricate compliance requirements demanded a more efficient approach. In their pursuit of accreditation, Shazamme sought a streamlined solution to navigate the complex compliance landscape while aiming for excellence in the global recruiting and staffing web platform industry.

The challenges they faced included:

Resource Constraints: Shazamme operates as a small team. Rick Maré is deeply involved in various aspects of the business, making it difficult to allocate sufficient time and resources to the compliance process.

Complexity: ISO 27001 certification is a comprehensive framework that requires a deep understanding of security controls and policy management. Shazamme needed a solution to simplify this complexity.

Competitive Edge: Shazamme wanted to stand out by achieving ISO 27001 certification, recognizing that their competitors still needed to complete this certification. They sought an instant recognition of their commitment to security.

Cost and Time-Effectiveness: The manual compliance process they had experienced in the past was costly, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Shazamme needed a more efficient solution.
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The impact of Akitra’s compliance platform on Shazamme has been nothing short of transformative. It has revolutionized our approach to compliance. It’s not just about streamlining policy and controls or ensuring continuous monitoring; it’s about having a single, organized hub for everything we need. Akitra has simplified our compliance journey and become an integral part of our operational excellence.
Rick Mare Shazamme CEO
Rick Maré
Co-Founder and CEO, Shazamme

Akitra's Solution

To address these challenges, Shazamme turned to Akitra’s compliance automation platform, which offered a streamlined approach to ISO 27001 certification:

Simplified Compliance: Akita’s platform simplified the compliance process, making it accessible and manageable even for small teams like Shazamme. It provided a centralized hub for all compliance-related activities.

Expert Guidance: Akita’s team provided expert guidance and support throughout the certification journey. They assisted Shazamme in understanding the ISO framework and ensuring a smooth certification journey.

Efficiency and Automation: Akitra significantly reduced the time and effort required for ISO certification by automating compliance processes. This automation allowed Shazamme to focus on its core business activities.

Continuous Monitoring: Akita provided a constant monitoring system, ensuring ongoing compliance and reducing the need for manual checks.

The Result

With Akitra’s support, Shazamme successfully achieved ISO 27001 certification in just six months. Akitra’s user-friendly platform made the certification process accessible and efficient, leading to positive outcomes for Shazamme. The results of their collaboration with Akitra included:

Successful Certification: Shazamme achieved ISO 27001 certification, a significant milestone showcasing their commitment to data security and compliance.

Time and Cost Savings: Akitra’s platform saved Shazamme hundreds of hours compared to manual compliance processes. This translated into substantial cost savings, making the certification process more cost-effective.

Enhanced Reputation: Shazamme’s ISO certification enhanced its reputation in the market, positioning the company as a leader in security and compliance. This made security and compliance conversations with customers smoother and more efficient.

Future-Ready: With Akitra’s platform, Shazamme has a continuous monitoring system, ensuring ongoing compliance. This readiness positions them for future growth and scalability.
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I could not do anything other than highly recommend Akitra to others for their ISO certification. They guided us through the ISO framework and were there all the way 24/7 for any questions we had. Akitra made it simple, saving us lots of time from running around internally.


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Shazamme builds and integrates advanced recruitment, staffing, and career websites. They offer a range of services and tools aimed at helping their customers enhance their online presence, improve their branding, and ultimately be more successful at online recruitment. These services include integrated websites, marketing dashboards, social posting tools, review technology, diagnostic tools, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertising), and strategic consulting.

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