Velmeni Completes HIPAA Compliance in Less Than Half the Time Everyone Told Them It Would Take

Akitra’s compliance automation and responsive, expert assistance were vital to achieving rapid compliance.

The Challenge

As a provider of innovative AI-based solutions for X-ray analysis and treatment recommendations, Velmeni aims to help its customers transform their dental practice. However, it is a given in the healthcare industry that customers expect their vendors to be HIPAA-compliant.

Without this, Velmeni could not hope to quickly build the level of trust required to win the confidence of prospective customers.
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“I appreciate that Akitra’s team is as committed and driven as ours is. A critical factor in our compliance success was the great collaboration between the Akitra team and Velmeni’s compliance team. The Akitra team provided responsive support and their automation platform to manage the policies and procedures required for our HIPAA certification.”
Mini Suri
Mini Suri
Co-founder and CEO

Akitra's Solution

Velmeni selected Akitra as its compliance automation partner, seeking both a system to speed its path to compliance and also to gain access to expert guidance. The company’s first challenge was to adopt the set of policies and controls that form the heart of HIPAA compliance. “Akitra not only helped us with creating a complete set of required policies, but also gave us a basic education about how policies and controls play with the specific needs of our company and of this industry”, said Mini Suri. “HIPAA was a new area for us, and they brought us up to speed far more quickly than we could have done on our own.”

Using the Akitra platform’s integrations with cloud services such as AWS as well as Akitra’s Shield software module for endpoint monitoring, Velmeni was able to automatically collect HIPAA compliance evidence and quickly detect any gaps to be remedied. “It would have been very resource-intensive and time-consuming as well as downright tedious if we had to collect all this data manually. Instead, we had Akitra’s compliance automation doing it automatically for us, 24 by 7”, noted Mini.

The Result

1. Originally expected to take 6-8 months, Velmeni successfully completed its HIPAA audit in just over three months, using Akitra’s automation. ‍

2. “Having external validation for our HIPAA compliance once we passed our audit has definitely helped shorten our sales cycle in closing business with dental practices”, Mini explained. “Overall, it helps build trust and credibility not only with customers but with partners and with government regulators as well.”

3. As part of its growth strategy, Velmeni plans to obtain compliance certifications for other compliance frameworks beyond HIPAA, such as SOC 2 and HITRUST for the North American market, and GDPR and ISO 27001 for international markets.
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“We will be able to leverage Akitra’s automation platform for all these compliance frameworks, which will be a huge productivity boost for us.”


Healthcare AI
Velmeni’s AI-based service provides fast and reliable 2D and 3D dental X-ray analysis and smart treatment recommendations.

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Request a Demo & See if We’re the Right Fit for Each Other

Request a Demo & See if We’re the Right Fit for Each Other

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