Ad Tech Firm Uses Akitra’s Automation To Achieve ISO 27001 Compliance Rapidly

Advertisers and ad agencies know their data is secure thanks to Trackier’s compliance with information security framework.
Our customers, such as major consumer brands, want to know that their data is safe when we track ad conversions for them. Achieving ISO 27001 compliance, with Akitra’s help, helps ensure that our customers can rely on us.
Himanshu Tiwari
Himanshu Tiwari
VP of Customer Success, Trackier

The Challenge

Trackier is expanding into new international markets where the wide market acceptance of ISO 27001 made it an ideal framework to support.

“We had been through the compliance process before with other standards such as GDPR,” said Trackier’s Himanshu Tiwari. “That was a huge hassle because it was so manual. We were looking for a more automated solution as we tackled ISO 27001 compliance.”

Akitra's Solution

Trackier looked at a variety of solutions to help with achieving ISO compliance, including consulting firms and compliance automation platforms. “It was really the Akitra team that made them stand out as a partner”, said Himanshu. “Akitra not only has an advanced compliance automation platform, they had the right commitment to partnering with us to ensure we crossed the compliance finishing line.”

Trackier also benefited from Akitra’s integrations with over 100 third-party services, enabling the company to automate a wide range of compliance functions, such as detecting any gaps that required addressing quickly.

The Result

Trackier passed its ISO 27001 audit within three months of beginning compliance readiness. “Without Akitra, completing our ISO 27001 compliance would have taken at least twice as long,” according to Himanshu.

A further benefit for the company as it continue sits rapid growth and international expansion is the ability to support additional compliance frameworks using the Akitra automation platform.

“We are now engaged in the SOC 2 compliance journey, and are finding that we are already 80% of the way there, having completed ISO 27001 with Akitra,” noted Himanshu. “There is so much commonality in the policies and controls used by both frameworks that we can leverage with Akitra’s platform.”
Without Akitra, completing our ISO 27001 compliance would have taken at least twice as long.


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