Safeguarding Patient Data: Glooko Secures SOC 2 Type 2 Attestation with Akitra’s Compliance Automation Platform

Navigating compliance is made easier with the Andromeda Platform.

The Challenge

Glooko, a prominent provider of cloud-based software for remote patient management, is pivotal in improving the care of individuals diagnosed with type one or type two diabetes. The sensitive nature of the patient data they handle, safeguarding security, and ensuring compliance have always been a paramount concern.

Having already achieved SOC 2 Type 2 and I certifications the previous years through in-house mechanisms, Benjamin Chang, as Glooko’s VP of Security and IT Operations, recognized the need to efficiently manage the adherence and operational control evidence through a software compliance platform.
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With Akitra, compliance became a more streamlined process. Their expert support and automated tools made our path to certification easier, saving time and resources.
Benjamin Chang
Benjamin Chang
VP, Security and IT Operations at Glooko, Inc.

Akitra's Solution

For Glooko, the key features and benefits of Akitra’s Andromeda platform include:

Application Integrations: Andromeda’s seamless integration with various applications allows evidence collection automation, eliminating manual data uploads.

Task Assignments: Andromeda facilitated the assignment of compliance tasks to specific team members, simplifying progress tracking and alerting.

Centralized Repository: Andromeda serves as a centralized repository for compliance-related evidence, obviating the need for Glooko to create and manage its storage. This streamlined the auditing process and improved accessibility for auditors.

The Result

Having done a bakeoff amongst competitive technologies, Glooko chose Akitra’s Andromeda platform to achieve these goals of efficiency and automation. Achieving SOC 2 compliance not only reinforced their commitment to data security and privacy but also positioned them as a trusted partner for their customers, bolstering their reputation in the industry.
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Healthcare Technology
Founded in 2010 to help patients track and manage their diabetes-related glucose and insulin dosage information using its mobile and web applications, Glooko is a global healthcare technology company with a presence in over 30 countries and 8,000+ clinical locations. Their mission is to enhance the health outcomes of people with chronic conditions through personalized, data-driven care. Glooko achieves this by revolutionizing the patient-provider connection, boosting engagement and adherence through digital therapeutics, and expediting clinical trials. This innovative approach transforms healthcare, improves patient well-being, and accelerates medical research.

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