Akitra’s Approach Addressed Relcu’s Challenges and Prepared the Company for Its SOC 2 Type 2 Audit in Three Weeks

With Akitra’s help, Relcu was able to fulfill its need to get SOC 2 compliance rapidly to meet its customer requirements.
Relcu is a dynamic technology organization providing cloud-based solutions to customers across industries. “Compliance process is quite complicated and requires many policies, evidence, and controls. Akitra team guided us at all stages, making it an easy and smooth experience,” said Ani Yeghoyan. Recognizing the importance of demonstrating robust security practices, Relcu embarked on the journey to attain SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.

The Challenge

Relcu’s products and services are in the financial market; their customers are mainly US banks and financial institutions. Relcu needed help preparing for SOC 2 Type 2 compliance before working with Akitra. The following were some of the major problems:

Lack of Expertise: Relcu needed more internal know-how to successfully negotiate the SOC 2 architecture’s intricate demands.

Scope Determination: It took a lot of work to define the audit’s scope and determine which systems and procedures were under its purview.

Risk Assessment: The internal team was challenged to conduct an extensive risk assessment to find potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Policy and Procedure Development: It took a lot of time and resources to develop and publish solid security policies and procedures that complied with SOC 2 regulations.
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The Akitra team guided us throughout our entire compliance journey and process, and really, for me, SOC 2 was kind of complicated due to many policies, evidence, controls, integrations, and so on. However, Akitra had a very simple process with well-defined steps, which guided us really well.
Ani Yeghoyan
Ani Yeghoyan
Chief People Officer, Relcu

Akitra's Solution

Akitra’s in-depth knowledge of the SOC 2 framework and expertise in efficient compliance procedures greatly aided in quickly completing the attestation process. Their specialized strategy strongly emphasized effectiveness and efficiency while assuring industry compliance.

Key actions in Akitra’s interaction with Relcu included the following:

Gap Analysis: Determine the areas where Relcu’s current security processes fell short of SOC 2 criteria.

Scope Definition: Define the SOC 2 Type 2 audit’s scope with the help of Akitra, ensuring that all pertinent systems and processes were covered.

Risk Assessment: Identify and rank possible risks and vulnerabilities; Akitra worked with Relcu to perform a thorough risk assessment.

Ongoing Monitoring: Verify compliance over time and prepare Relcu for upcoming audits; Akitra assisted in implementing monitoring tools.

The Result

Relcu faced a critical need for SOC 2 Type 2 attestation due to potential business opportunities with security-sensitive customers. This urgency motivated the organization to seek Akitra’s expertise to accelerate compliance.

The partnership produced several advantages:

Enhanced Security: Relcu’s security posture dramatically improved, giving customers and stakeholders more comfort.

Competitive Advantage: SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation gave Relcu a competitive advantage by highlighting its data security and privacy focus.

Process Organization: Internal processes become more structured and efficient due to well-established policies and procedures.

Customer Trust: Achieving SOC 2 compliance helped build trust with new and current customers, boosting commercial prospects.
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I highly recommend Akitra, they helped us get SOC 2 Type 2 compliant in just three weeks. Not only during that period we experienced great collaboration, but we also enjoyed working with an experienced and professional team focused on our success.


Financial Services
Relcu is a unified, lead-to-funding lead management and customer relationship management platform that empowers mortgage lending organizations to build greater transparency, borrower satisfaction and consistent engagement experience throughout the customer journey. Relcu helps lenders by driving higher contact rates and lock rates while improving Loan Officer productivity.

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