Trucendent Achieves SOC 2 Compliance Attestation: Strengthening Trust and Protecting Customer Data with Akitra Compliance Automation Platform

Achieving SOC 2 Compliance has expanded sales prospects for an early-stage startup.

The Challenge

Trucendent sells its product to security-conscious enterprise customers and insists on having SOC 2 Compliance Certification. Achieving SOC 2 compliance is known to be challenging for a small team like Trucendent’s.

Sharmila Deshpande, Trucendent’s Chief Technology Officer, had previous experience of getting ISO certification in Telecom through a manual approach, so she knew what it looked like to use a manual method to get compliant. She said, “That was something which we do not want to go through again; that experience was very painful.”

As an early-stage startup, this was Trucendent’s first SOC 2 attestation, and they came to realize the importance of having an automated process for its security measures to reduce the burden of their small team. “We are a small team, so automation was the deciding factor between Akitra and other competitors,” Commented Sharmila.

Brian Mallow, Director of Software Development at Trucendent, said, “I like automation; anything I can automate is better. That’s what, really versus other vendors, definitely drove us to the solution we chose.”

They needed an efficient and reliable compliance solution that aligned with their business objectives, minimized disruptions, and streamlined the certification process.
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After providing the data to Akitra. The next thing was our report, which was really, really fantastic. We passed both audits with not even a single rework being needed, no remediation needed. So that speaks how well Akitra was prepared.
Sharmila Deshpande
Sharmila Deshpande
Chief Technology Officer, Trucendent

Akitra's Solution

Trucendent partnered with Akitra, a leading compliance solution provider known for guiding organizations through the SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 attestation process. “I appreciate that you shielded us from the auditor completely. I don’t mean shielded, as auditors are anything to be worried about. It allows a small team such as ours to do a day job, which we deeply appreciate,” Sharmila Deshpande, Chief technology officer.

Akitra’s comprehensive compliance platform helped Trucendent address the critical requirements for SOC 2 compliance, ensuring their systems, networks, and data were secure, available, confidential, and compliant with data protection regulations. Akitra provided expertise and guidance, shielding Trucendent from direct interaction with auditors and reducing the burden on their small team.

The Result

With Akitra’s guidance, Trucendent achieved SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 compliance certifications rapidly within the expected timeline. “One helpful thing was getting a subset of the relevant control sets for an early-stage company. When the Akitra team provided that, it significantly reduced the scope of what we needed to do without impacting the quality of the material we shared with auditors. So that was helpful,” said Sharmila. This achievement has brought several benefits to Trucendent:

Enhanced Trust : SOC 2 compliance attestation demonstrates Trucendent’s commitment to the highest level of security, privacy, and availability for customer data. This has strengthened trust and instilled confidence in Trucendent’s products and services.

Competitive Advantage: SOC 2 compliance sets Trucendent apart from competitors, showcasing its cybersecurity and data protection dedication. This enables Trucendent to attract more customers who prioritize security.

Increased Efficiency: Akitra’s compliance solution streamlined Trucendent’s compliance process, saving valuable time and resources. Integrating effective controls and policies further optimized Trucendent’s overall operational efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction: Achieving SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 compliance demonstrates Trucendent’s commitment to customer satisfaction and data protection. This reassures existing and potential customers that their sensitive information is safe.

Getting compliance with Akitra was cost-saving for Trucendent. Sharmila commented, “We paid 60- 70% less of what other vendors charge for SOC 2 attestation; there is just no comparison between Akitra and other vendors.”
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I mean the support we saw through the portion of integrations. The support is very responsive, and we got the directions, and you added the different integrations for, say, Elma and other integrations very quickly for early-stage startups, trying to get everything integrated at once. We had a wide range of different technologies that weren’t supported when we first started, and within like two weeks, you had all of them integrated. It was really impressive.
Brian Mallow
Brian Mallow
Director of Software Development, Trucendent


Estate Planning & Trust Management Solutions
Trucendent specializes in developing software solutions for industries dealing with sensitive customer data. As the demand for secure software grew, Trucendent realized the need for independent verification of its security controls.

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